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Learning Through Understanding

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Here at TayTec Training we believe that the way to learning is through understanding.

Unlike other home study courses, which comprise mainly of a series of pdf documents and/or videos, TayTec Interactive Training Series uses a unique method of interactive, animated, PowerPoint slides.

Developed from actual training course material, each course is divided into a set of lessons. Each lesson comprises of a series of animated PowerPoint slides, building the lesson progressively at your own pace.

All lessons are complemented by simple to understand diagrams and illustrations which again are progressively produced to coincide with the text making them easy to follow and understand.

At the end of each lesson is a practice test with model answers to compare to your answers.

Practice exams are formatted to represent the actual examination you will be taking to achieve your qualification so there are no surprises on the day of your exam.
A fraction of the cost of
conventional training
No loss of income due to
time off work. Study in
your own time.
No pressure to complete
the course. Study at your
own pace.
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